Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hello all!

I'm a newbie blogger so please forgive me if I'm a little shabby at this. Hope everyone's well in the Internet world. I'm in my last semester at city college and so extremely excited about it. Time is flying by quite quickly and I can't believe I've come this far. Let's see, fast facts you should know about me: I'm from New York, a Christian, a ginormous Disney freak, a huge Yankees fan, a lover of all animals (especially dogs), a fan of classic movies from the '30s through the '80s, and I would love to someday try my hand at acting. My ultimate goal is to become a hotel/resort manager for Disney, but it's such a passion of mine to be in a film. Movies have always been a big part of life. I'm currently taking acting as an elective this semester and it is by far, the best class I've ever taken in my two years there. It excites me to go to class. So that's pretty much me in a nutshell. My mom has hooked me onto HGTV, which I'm currently watching now. Color Splash must be one of the best shows. Oh and shows! I love TV shows - Community, Glee, FlashForward, Castle, House, The Forgotten, Three Rivers, Bones, Modern Family...they're all great. Okay so that's my first blog. Tres chic.