Sunday, May 30, 2010

WDW 2010 Trip Day 2

Tuesday, May 25:

We awoke at 8A by an adorable wake-up call delivered by Mickey and Stitch. Stitch starts screaming and Mickey apologizes, but my favorite part is when Stitch decides to randomly yell, ‘GET MOVING!!’ I laughed each morning at that.

Oh, we received a message the previous night about a gift that we had waiting for us. We went to the desk to receive it and excitedly brought it back to the room – because of my celebrations, they gave us a beautiful cherry-wood box with a sketching of the Contemporary on the lid. It’s gorgeous and now sits on a table in our front living room.

So we went down the hall, got our yummy breakfast, and went onto the balcony so we could gaze at the castle while eating. Let me tell you, breakfasts on the balcony were not relaxing. We would be stared at and almost attacked by birds. Crows would land on the railing and stare at us. The only thing that worked was either hissing at them or shaking something at them. We also had ginormous hawks coming toward us. That was the most frightening part of our vacation. I can’t tell you how many times I jumped at the sight of one.

Anyway, after breakfast that day, my parents headed off to the Magic Kingdom, while I went down to the lobby. I was meeting a CM who I have been talking to for a couple years now, about a future career with Disney. I wasn’t sure whether it would turn out to be a formal meeting or a social visit, but much to my relief, it was the latter. She was a lovely person and we talked for about 45 minutes or so; she then had her own meeting to attend to. I ran back to our room to change (since I was SO not going to WDW with a skirt and fancy blouse on, thank you very much) and call my mom on her cell to let her know I was on my way. I took the monorail all by myself (I’m a big girl now) and was planning on meeting them in front of the Uncle Walt & Mickey statue. But before I could do this, I spotted my dad toodling around in my mom’s ECV. I laughed and caught up with him – we then met mom and off we went.

My favorite ride came next, Splash Mountain. My mom passed on this one, so my dad and I got in line. I requested a front-row seat (why, oh why, did I do that?). We got in and things were going great, until we got to a certain turn in the ride. You know when you pass the big drop and it’s on your right, and your boat heads under a tunnel sloooooowly? Yup. That’s when it hit us. A couple of us in the boat were screaming, ‘GO GO!!’ trying to convince ourselves that by pushing our bodies forward, we could make the boat plunge ahead before being hit by the big fall. Did that work? A big, giant NO. SPLAAAAAAAASH went a boat down the cliff…and we were drenched. Head to toe, my friends. Then what happens? It starts raining. REALLY?! Everyone on our boat is now doubly soaked. When we went down the big drop, we didn’t even get wet from THAT! Before I forget, I must add that I partially lost my voice during the trip. I prayed to God over and over that he would keep us healthy and thankfully, He did…at least it was only the voice thing. Anyhoo, I was drenched from my outer clothing to my…ahem..under-things. Thankfully, the sun came out shortly after and we dried in no time.

We then headed to Pirates, which was awesome as always. I asked the pirate if we could sit in the front row and he said, ‘It will cost ya!’ I said, ‘2 shillings?’ He considered this and answered, ‘Get in number 1!’ so we were in the front row LOL! I guess he liked my offer LOL! Afterwards, we had a bite to eat at Casey’s Corner, where we ate outside. We could hear/kinda see the show in front of the castle. I think the sound of the fireworks at the end scared us a bit, but we enjoyed seeing them. Oh and my dad almost got bit by a duck. There was clearly a sign that said ‘Don’t Feed the Ducks.’ Sigh. (Okay okay, I didn’t necessarily pay full attention to the sign either, but still…I didn’t HAND-FEED them!!)

After lunch, it was time to meet some Disney friends for the parade! On a street at Liberty Square, I spotted John (Disneyworlds). We hung out and waited for the rest of the crew – I believe Maria (heavensent30) came next with Dylan (TeamSkellington), Princess Peanut, and a couple of Peanut’s friends. Aurora (RoraBorieAlice) and James (JamesMooreII) came soon after with Chris (Chris_Toffer), later followed by Alex (al3xg) and his friend. We all watched the parade together and had a great time. Stitch came over and put a boogie on Chris, much to Rora’s chagrin. The look of fright on her face was hysterical when she slithered away from Stitch’s view LOL!! Also, John blew a kiss at the Fairy Godmother and received one right back. What made my day was when Snow White’s prince spotted my tiara, looked straight into my eyes and mouthed the words, ‘Hello Princess!’ I smacked John on the arm and excitedly told him. LOL I’m such a dork. And Tweedledee came over at one point, opened the top of Peanut’s friend’s stroller to look at him, and rubbed his hands together lol.

Okay now for my comments on these wonderful people. Let me do this in the order of which I met them – ahem ahem. John is an incredibly nice guy. You don’t meet genuinely sweet people every day and he is totally one of them. He is such an easy-going, laid-back dude and fun to talk to. Maria is absolutely gorgeous and her quips are hysterical – especially when she talks about Peanut’s OCD. (Since Peanut does not yet have her own Twitter account, I will insert here that she is precious and I thank her for involving me in her branch-collecting expedition.) Dylan is too cute for words; such a gentleman and fun to be around. I didn’t get to talk to him much, unfortunately, but such a nice dude. Rora! That girl is CRAZY! I love her to death. She is wonderfully insane, loud, and hysterical. As for James, I didn’t really get to talk to him much. He was super shy, but definitely seemed like a nice guy. Hopefully I will get to know him better as time goes on. Chris is about the shyest guy on the planet. He’s super sweet and super cute, but didn’t talk much. I’m not THAT unapproachable, am I?! ;) And last but certainly not least is Alex. He is another genuinely sweet person, so easy to talk to, and absolutely adorable. All in all, I had a wonderful time with these people and can’t wait to do WDW again so we can hopefully spend more time together. Oh and my parents adored everyone as well. They were happy to meet each and every one of you fine people.

We split ways then, and my parents and I traveled to the Haunted Mansion. I went in a doom buggy with my mom and she dared me to let out a blood-curdling scream. So I did, right in front of the opening coffin. I must have jinxed myself, because the buggies stopped twice. It was once in the psychic ball room, then once in the cemetery. The cemetery one scared the hell out of me; we were right in front of a grave that one of those monsters pops out behind (I HATE those). Once we started moving again (I had my face covered), it jumped out to give me one last, good scare, and I jumped. However, I do love the hitchhiking ghosts and the ghosts that appear in your buggy. They are way cool.

Afterwards was the Hall of Presidents. Amazing how much it has changed since they added Obama. It was fun to cheer or boo at certain presidents – I led a boofest for Bush LOL. We then had a delicious dinner at the Liberty Tree Tavern. Our lovely waitress, Sandi, came out with a huge platter of beef, chicken, and turkey, with side dishes of mashed potatoes, green beans, stuffing, and macaroni & cheese. I went at the turkey & potatoes like nobody’s business. It was amazing and filling. Then they brought out a chocolate cupcake w/ multicolored Mickey head sprinkles and sang to me. I also went at the cupcake like nobody’s business LOL. We went back to Pirates and Dad & I went on this time; the CM gave us one of those cards that lets you sit in the front row. Amazing luck! When exiting the ride, once inside the store, Dad and I had a swordfight. He won, dang it.

My parents and I then rode the Jungle Cruise. Our skipper, Brian, was hysterical! We watched the Tiki Birds show, went to Snow White, then the Wedway. FYI, you will never, ever hear me refer to it as the TTA…you are allowed to smack me if I do. At the Wedway, my heart broke to not hear the words, ‘Paging Morrow, Mr. Tom Morrow.’ Yeah okay, so it’s cheesy, but it was still awesome. We ended the glorious day with a viewing of Wishes. Unbelievably, I didn’t actually cry but I definitely became quite misty-eyed. After the fireworks, we shopped around a bit. A CM saw my tiara and called me ‘Your majesty.’ That was awesome. As for purchases, I bought an adorable Chip & Dale figurine to add to my figurine collection, a Captain Hook/Tinkerbell charm (‘cause seriously, how often do you see Captain Hook on a souvenir?), a Mulan/Mushu charm, and an earthy wood necklace. Another fantasmic day!!


  1. lol boofest for bush noooo it should have been obama and the wholke stitch yelling get moving! lmao! and u getting drenched on splash during florida rain classic!! lmao love yas girly!!

  2. I resemble all those remarks :P I had a blast watching the parade and even though Stitch got close to me *shudder* I wouldn't have changed that for anything!