Monday, May 31, 2010

WDW 2010 Trip Day 3

Wednesday, May 26:

EPCOT!!!! Had our lovely breakfast and took the two monorails to the park. Oh, that was the day we were able to ride a Tronorail! I was ecstatic. It was the blue one, which was absolutely awesome and I was so stoked to be riding it.

When we entered the park, Dad and I rode Spaceship Earth first. That’s a great ride but we were disappointed that the picture thing wasn’t working properly. Our faces didn’t show up on the screens, so that was a bummer.

Next, Dad and I rode Test Track. This was my first time EVER on it!! The line seemed to take forever (a 40 minute wait, I believe), but we finally landed in the briefing room. When we got on the ride, I buckled my seatbelt and knew I was in for it. When it went up that huge hill, I thought, ‘Oh no, please no….’ not sure what was coming. The brake tests came next. I braced myself for those and they were wilder than I thought they would be, but so much fun. We went through hot and cold too. Before I knew it, there was a truck coming at us as we swerved. I kept asking, ‘Is this it? Is this the end?’ Mind you, there was a high schooler in front of us who had been on the ride before and loved every minute of the terror I was experiencing. Soon after, we shot out and I’m thinking, ‘Oh this is a piece of cake’, as I happily put my arms in the air. THEN we go up to 65 mph and the next thing I know, I’m hanging on for dear life screaming, ‘Holy mother of God!!’ as the high schooler laughs hysterically at me. I loved it so much. Definitely and officially my favorite ride at EPCOT.

We then met my mom in Mouse Gear, and shopped around a little. I bought another one of those earthy necklaces, as well as a Test Track Mickey head antennae topper (I collect those). We grabbed Fastpasses for Soarin’, then rode the boat in The Land. I think we went on Universe of Energy next – that’s a nice, relaxing journey. Except for when the dinosaur got closer to me than I was comfortable with, and unexpectedly made this noise, to which I jumped and grabbed my mom’s arm. I can be such a weenie! I used poor Mom so many times to hold onto during my fright and terror. Afterwards, we headed back to The Land to eat at Sunshine Seasons. I have to say, I was not impressed with their food this year. Usually, I’m quite satisfied with their selections but their focaccia bread was terrible and their lettuce was awful. Plus, the chef’s attitude was less than desirable. But I digress!

After lunch, we rode The Seas with Nemo and Friends. That’s always cute – Mom closes her eyes during the part with Crush & Squirt in the current, and tells me to let her know when it’s over because she gets dizzy. I must admit, they have this amazing technique of making you feel like you’re riding upside-down. Don’t know how they do it – the Disney magic, I suppose.

We went to Canada to see Off-Kilter. They are awesome and so much fun to watch! They seem like really nice guys too.

Our Fastpasses for Soarin’ were due, so we returned to The Land (for the third time LOL) and rode it. So much fun!! The crowds weren’t as alive as I was hoping – there’s usually a bunch of people applauding and hollering when the trams first go up. I was the only one this year. Tough crowd. We then traveled to Norway to ride Maelstrom, then to China for some shopping. I bought pretty pink rose cut-out earrings.

We had dinner at San Angel Inn in Mexico (again, not impressed this year) and at one of the stores, I bought an adorable pair of silver butterfly earrings (appropriate, yes?!). We went back to the resort afterwards to watch Wishes from the balcony & see Lee DeWyze win “American Idol!” A good night!!

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