Tuesday, January 24, 2012


A few days ago, I decided that October would be a good time to move. I’m still going in May to treat myself to a Star Wars Weekend and have a little “me” time after completing classes. I will miss Epic October this year; however, it will be entirely worth it to be there permanently and attend the many Epic Octobers after that. I am not sure as to an exact date yet, but I am hoping for the middle of the month. My parents’ 25th anniversary is on September 26th, so I want to throw a party for them. Then I will have some time to recuperate before relocating. Oh hey, I just realized I will be there for the WDW 2013 Reunion in January! Yay!

Two nights ago, I spoke to my parents. I decided to do this individually, because I knew I would be an utter and complete mess if I informed them of my decision while we were all in one room. First, I told my mom. We sat at the kitchen table, right after breakfast. Tears began to form in her eyes, and we both began crying pretty hard. We spoke of my future, coming home to visit, Daisie, etc. After a good half hour or so of discussion, we finally stopped crying and hugged. That was horrible.

Next, I approached my dad. I sat in the living room. This was far less intense. We both got tears in our eyes but did not actually cry. He told me to live out my dreams and to never let anything hold me back. I promised I would visit. (Sidenote: Praying that I can convince my manager of whichever company I will be working for at that time to let me go home for Christmas.)

Leaving everyone here in New York is going to be incredibly difficult for me. One of the worst will be leaving my dog. Coming to terms with this is not easy. This has definitely been THE hardest decision I have made in my life thus far. Being she is eleven and has seizures, October may be the very last time I hug her. I’m getting emotional as I write this, because I have lost a dog before and it is one of the worst things to go through in the world. However, she could live until she is eighteen! Who knows? Only God. Therefore, I cannot dwell too much on this.

October 2012. Nine months away. This is when I will be moving to Florida. I cannot even begin to understand this. It is really happening. I will be a resident of Florida, and be able to attend WDW on my days off from work, as well as see my dear friends often. This brings much excitement to my heart!

I will be posting updates on how everything is going. Being this is my final semester, I consider myself to still be in the beginning stages of moving. I haven’t even begun to look through stuff and figure out what to bring and what to leave home until my parents sell the house. I would like to complete this semester first, which ends on April 27th! Cannot wait!

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  1. What an awesome decision!!! I know it will be challenging but such an amazing opportunity for you! Best wishes on your journey