Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Other than Epic October, 2011 was not a great year for me. It was not a good year for my family either. My dad was out of work the entire year, and during the latter part of the year, my hours at the hotel were drastically decreased and my mom’s boss retired. Accepting these monetary changes was very difficult for us, as it would be for anyone.

2011 also brought much disappointment with the house. I currently live with my parents and the house has been up for sale for almost three years now. We all want to move to Florida…I want to be near friends and to hopefully become a Cast Member for Disney, and my parents want to be in a warmer climate.

In addition, this was the year that my dog, Daisie, began to show her age. She had about five seizures throughout the year. For those of you who have experienced this with a pet, you know how difficult it is. You sit there and feel helpless and desperate as you watch your beloved animal suffering. Thanks be to God, she has overcome all of these and is still as playful as a puppy despite being eleven years old.

Please do not think that I sound selfish or ungrateful during any of this. God has blessed me abundantly. I have my health, family, and friends who I wouldn’t trade for anything else in the world. My friends are the ones who brought me out of the lowest points in my life. They encouraged me to believe and look to the future for hope, which is exactly what I did.

Despite the horrible circumstances that 2011 left us in, I feel that I have grown tremendously from it. It is quite hard for me to put into words just how so. As with most people, this past year brought many emotions. Happiness, anger, sadness, confusion, etc. Unfortunately, happiness did not rank high among these. The only time I experienced the most happiness was during Epic October…which occurred while I was in Florida.

We are only on the third day of January in the New Year. However, a few weeks ago, I realized one major thing that I realize I seek. That is contentment. Recently, I have been waking up every morning dreading what is to come…”Another day in NY, are my parents going to fight about bills again, how am I going to manage relaxation during all of this ongoing stress?”

Something clicked in my head. I can certainly move to Florida without my parents. Besides, they will get there someday. The house must sell at SOME point. I know how much they want this as well, but I am my own person. And it’s not like I will not return frequently to visit them. Naturally, I will miss them terribly. However, I am almost 23 years old and an adult now. I need to start my future, and I cannot do that by being somewhere I do not want to be.

If I want to work for Disney, my journey must begin soon. Therefore, I have made a big decision. Between late this year and early 2013, I will be relocating to Florida. If all goes according to hopeful plan, the wonderful Todd & Cheryl Perlmutter will be moving closer to Disney, and they invited me to live with them for a while. Friends like these two make my heart joyous and thankful to God that He has blessed me immensely. From here, I will apply to Disney and be able to spend time with friends who I miss so much.

At the moment, I have to concentrate on my education. I will have my Bachelor’s degree in Business Management come April, followed by a weeklong trip to Florida planned for my very first Star Wars Weekend. After that, I can begin packing and sorting through what I need in order to move.

Goodbye, 2011. You were ugly and I am glad to bid you farewell.

Greetings, 2012. You represent my future and I have a great feeling about you.


  1. Sending tons of pixie dust so all your Florida dreams come true!

  2. This is awesome! I wish you nothing but the best in your move and I have no doubt at all that you will make an amazing cast member. Best wishes to you on all your dreams

  3. Yay!!! I am so proud of you!!! How wonderful to be following your dream!!! I can't wait to hear all about the adventures the next year will bring!!!

  4. Life is full of ups and downs. Just gotta keep your head up during the downs. Sounds like you are on the right track. Best of luck to you!

  5. Sorry I'm just now getting around to this...

    That's great news! I know you'll be very successful with your goal and will be in Florida full time before you know it (then I might actually be able to come visit you!). Enjoy the last few weeks of school before the stress of moving and figuring out the details. It will all fall into place how it's supposed to.

    Best wishes for an amazing 2012!