Saturday, November 12, 2011

Epic October 2011 - Day 8


This was the day I returned to New York.

Let me summarize this day quickly. Betsy picked me up and we headed over to Shelley’s house. (In the meantime, Shalon went to pick up Aurora to meet us at the airport). We visited a little while with Shelley, Dave, Zoe, Todd, Cheryl, Jasper, and Mike. Then it was time to go. I gave big hugs to Dave, Zoe, and Jasper. The rest of us headed to the airport in separate cars.

The six of us met up in the parking garage and headed inside. Shalon and Aurora joined us shortly after. We sat around and chatted for a while, then went to the Sanrio store to look around.

Not happy :(

Then it was time to get in line for security. My friends formed a circle (okay, I’m crying right now) and each one of them gave me a huge hug. I pretty much sobbed hugging them all.

I had a safe flight back home (if you want to call it my home) and cried on/off the rest of the day. I was not a happy individual to be away from people I truly love and care about deeply.


For something that started seven months ago, I never thought it would turn out to be something as fantastic as it was. I knew that it would be wonderful to see my friends, but I never thought it would be this amazing. Betsy and I had been planning this since March. We took those seven months to plan intricate details for the trip, how we were going to surprise Shelley, dining reservations, etc. It got intense. As time got closer and closer, the excitement was building up through our texts and Skype video calls.

A few weeks before my arrival, we needed to tell a friend to help convince our friends to attend events that I would be at. We informed Shalon, who helped us those last couple of weeks before my arrival.

The seven nights I was there were seven of the happiest days of my life. I got to spend treasured time with people I hold very close to my heart. I cry as I type this because they are not just friends to me. They are my family.

So long, my dear friends. See you real soon.

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