Saturday, November 12, 2011

Epic October 2011 - Day 6


A day of Epcot is a day of fun! And this particular day certainly lived up to that. Betsy picked me up (she was the best transportation method ever, by the way…what’s a monorail again??) and we drove to Epcot. There we met up with Shelley, Todd, and Cheryl. A few minutes later, Megan (@mla1977) arrived! This was the first time I ever met her. I absolutely adore her. J

We went on Spaceship Earth first. This was my recommendation. Remember, I’m the clueless individual from New York. But I have therefore learned my lesson…ride this later in the day, when everyone else is on Mission Space and Test Track.

We rode Test Track next. I sat in the back (huge mistake) with my arms up in the air the entire time (HUGER mistake). We got through the ride smiling and everything was awesome…as we climbed out of the car, something did not feel right. My bra came undone. Completely undone. Test Track got frisky with me! We laughed a lot about it, and had little jokes throughout the day including, “Show me where the bad car touched you.” This is why I love my friends.

Next we walked to the World Showcase. On the way, we saw Chip Buchanan! It is incredible how many times we ran into her on this trip. Afterwards, we headed to France, where….wait for it….Ryan (@RyanKilpatrick) and Sally (@SuperWriterMom) were waiting for us! I looked around at the podcast crew and happiness filled my heart. Big hugs and laughter were indeed shared that day. We all went over to the Ireland booth (thank you, Food and Wine Festival!) where a couple of us, including myself, got the Kerrygold cheese platter. Man, was that good. Three different kinds of cheese with brown bread and butter. The only thing I refused to touch was the chutney. It looked nasty. (Sorry.) We all had our snacks and drinks on benches in front of where Off Kilter performs.

Megan had to leave then, so we bid farewell. I’m sorry I did not get to hang out with her more, but I’m thrilled to have met her! Scarlett and Ben caught up with us, and we all went over to the Rose & Crown Pub for lunch. That was my first time there. The food is incredibly delicious. I had the Sunday pot roast with roasted potatoes, green beans, and Yorkshire pudding.

Ben, Scarlett, and me at the Rose & Crown Pub

Scarlett, Ben, and Shelley left after lunch. The remaining six of us went back to France to see Impressions de France. That was the first time I had ever seen the film and I loved it! Betsy was quoting it the entire time, but I luckily did not hear it as I refused to sit next to her. ;) Sally had the pleasure instead.

Now, I have been trying to track down Jillian Davis (@JL_Davis) for over a year now when I am at WDW. I can never find her. I finally had the ability to meet her on this vacation! We went into Mouse Gear and Betsy spoke to one of the Cast Members, who found her and brought her out. Yay!! She is such a sweetheart and I cannot WAIT to meet the baby next year!

We went into the old Wonders of Life building and walked around a bit, as they had demonstrations of all kinds going on, as well as wine tastings and shopping. Then we went back to Test Track. This time I sat in the front and no wardrobe malfunctions were to be had!

Ryan and Sally left afterwards. Todd & Cheryl went to have a bite to eat at Sunshine Seasons while Betsy and I went to see Ellen’s Energy Adventure. That is always cute to see. Shane came to the park then and found us exiting the attraction! The three of us went to The Land pavilion and spotted Todd & Cheryl. We all went on Soarin’ then. That was so fun!! Todd and Cheryl left after that. Shane, Betsy, and I rode The Seas with Nemo and Friends.

We began our way out of the park, trying to decide where to go to eat. We decided to go to Earl of Sandwich at Downtown Disney! The three of us had a marvelous time eating, laughing, and sharing stories. We stopped inside the Lego Store too, where I got a Captain Barbossa keychain. I love him! We also swung by Babycakes but Emily was not there.

Shane headed home then. I hate saying goodbye to friends! Tears filled my eyes after he left and Betsy said, “Please don’t tell me you are crying already.” It was difficult, but I held my head high and we proceeded to the parking lot. Betsy dropped me off at the hotel then. I had a truly fantastic day. J

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