Saturday, November 5, 2011

Epic October 2011 - Day 2


Around 10am, I strolled over to Downtown Disney. I went all major shopaholic at The World of Disney. Whenever I walk into that store, I always feel like I’m about to hyperventilate. I kept myself from doing so, and calmly walked around. Amazingly, I only bought two items – a lovely navy blue WDW 1971 canvas purse, and a Rafiki stuffed animal for my brother. J I also went to the pin trading booth and bought a mess of pins. My hands were so full of pins, that I believe I frightened the poor Cast Member.

At about 11am, I walked to the other end of DTD (not realizing at this point that they had a water taxi…sigh) to meet my Uncle Don! We had lunch at Earl of Sandwich, and I convinced him to get the holiday sandwich, which he loved. We then went to Ghiradelli and sat outside, eating our ice cream. We spent the next three hours, strolling in and out of stores and catching up. As I was making many purchases, he was teasing me on how I would be the reason that Disney will run out of merchandise. LOL.

He walked me back to my hotel around 2-2:30pm and we parted ways there. Saying goodbye to him is always tough for me. He is not a man who displays affection often, and when he looked away to say “I love you”, that made my heart break a little. When he did that, my eyes filled with tears and I pretty much ran into the elevator. I’m a big softie and I was NOT about to cry on only my second day of the vacation!!

After changing into my Halloween costume, which was Holly Golightly (played by Audrey Hepburn) from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Betsy picked me up around 4:30pm and we drove to the Polynesian Resort. From there, we took the ferry over to the Magic Kingdom. I honestly do not remember what happened in order of how they happened…everything in my brain comes in flashes from that night. I recall heading over to the Space Mountain exit, where Jen (@Dizneydreamer) and Angie (@Minnie_Moose) were. Jen gave me a tackle hug J The four of us were going to ride the Peoplemover (which Jen appropriately re-named the Hussymover), but it broke down, so we went on Buzz Lightyear. I did much better than last time, thanks to Betsy’s assistance.

Let’s see. I know that Jen and Angie took off for a while, which is when we met up with Scott and Peggi. And of course, during all of the events that took place, we were trick-or-treating. At one point, we spotted Colin (@ParadisePeer) and Chip Buchanan, Angi @Angi_Basl) and Bob (@Bob_Basl) Basl. We all decided to go on Space Mountain, and on the way, Jeff Chaney (@jeff_chaney) and Dave Dunkowski (@soarin247) met up with us to ride. They are all such fun, warm-hearted people. I loved having the chance to hang out with them for a while. Betsy, Jeff, and I were in one car and being all brave like I am (not), I said “Let’s wave our hands in the air like we just don’t care!” The picture proves otherwise, as I’m hanging on for dear life, while Betsy & Jeff are throwing the deuces. That was a shameful moment for me. LOL.

Betsy and I stopped by the Be Our Guest podcast meet to say hi to everyone! I got to meet Mike Rahlmann (@BeOurGuestMike), Rikki Niblett (@RikkiNibs), Pam Forrester (@TMFLTPam), Nichole Willis (@nicwillis007), Joanne Griffith (@griffijm), Kayla Lopez (@DisneySoprano), Erin Daniels (@EODaniels), Steve Hood (@DisneyChief), and Lissa McCrady (@LissaLuvsWDW). A bunch of incredible people! Everyone was so kind and it was such a pleasure meeting them all. There were a few group photos taken as well, which was fun. J Also at the meet, I was happy to see Sarah (@Duchess_99) and Barry (@KrazieEyes) McGovern, who I met in NYC this past July. I also met Ricardo Rodriguez (@RJRRodriguez) and Amanda Tinney (@amandatinney). This was another day that my mind was blown from the massive amount of people I met!

After we hung out with them a bit, Betsy and I rode Pirates. She yelled at me that I had better put my arms in the air on this one. I did. J We met Cliff Wu (@bigreddog3109) at the exit. I can’t believe I finally met him! He is a great friend. We talked with him a while, then Betsy and I met up with Jen and Angie again to watch Hallowishes together. Scott and Peggi joined us too! This was the first time I had ever seen Hallowishes and I absolutely loved it. The music is incredible, and the fireworks themselves are out of this world. When it ended, I got to meet Jim Garth (@JimGarth)!! Finally!!

After Wishes, Betsy and I went on The Haunted Mansion, then realized we were cutting it close to the Boo To You Parade. So we held hands and flew through the crowds to get to Liberty Square. We sat next to a popcorn cart with Scarlett and Ben, Emily (@VeganEmily), and Dan Warren (@prd3000). Loved meeting Emily and Dan for the first time!

Me, Emily, and Dan at the Boo To You! Parade

I must add that Scarlett and Ben looked absolutely adorable in their hooded Halloween costumes!! I was a wide-eyed little girl from the moment the Headless Horseman came through, right up until the very end. I kept squealing with joy every time a float passed by. At one point, the Queen of Hearts marched over to me and threw the bottom of her dress over my head. Then one of the frightening hyenas from The Lion King tossed his face in front of mine. I love the villains! My absolute favorite part were the grave diggers from The Haunted Mansion. They scrape their shovels on the ground and sparks fly up. I gasped upon seeing that. Unexpectedly awesome!

When the parade was over, I heard “Brie?!?” Maria (@MauiMinnie702) and Brent (@MauiMickey702) Hannon spotted me and we flew into each other’s arms. It was SO wonderful seeing them! They are one of my most favorite couples in the world. J After chatting with them a while, Betsy and I headed to Main Street to watch the Villains stage show in front of the castle. Scarlett and Ben met us and we all sat on the ground to watch it. Afterwards, I got to meet Henry Work (@hwork). We laughed at our height difference, as you can see from the picture. I’m 5’1 and he….well, he isn’t.

Henry Work and me. The giant and the munchkin.

Betsy and I were heading to the Main Street Bakery when we spotted Cliff. So the three of us went and had a bite to eat. Many laughs and stories were shared…we pretty much closed the bakery that night. We may have caused some stress among the Cast Members. They probably thought we were not going to leave. Cliff had to leave then, as his flight was in a few hours. L We saw Marc Acosta (@markymarc70) and chatted with him a bit! Then we caught up with Colin again, as well as Dan Braunstein (@danbraunstein), Lee Dralle (@HerrDralle), and Robbie Fenoglio (@Caz99). The six of us decided last-minute that we were in the mood for Dole Whips. So we all met up at Captain Cook’s and had a wonderful night of laughter, lederhosen (see picture below), spontaneous combustion, and fun indulging in pizza and Dole Whips. And let me just say, for the record, that the 24-hour Dole Whip self-serve machine is one of God’s greatest gifts to man.

Me and Mr. Lee-Derhosen

On the way back to the hotel where Betsy dropped me off, we blasted music and sang along. Yet another fun, exhausting day!

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