Saturday, November 12, 2011

Epic October 2011 - Day 4


The day of Epcot! Being the good friend I am, I told Betsy to sleep in and that I would get a ride from someone else. Just because I am a good friend does not make me smart. I asked Tom (@idetestyou) if he was available to drive me. Oy. If you have any respect for your life whatsoever and would rather not die, do not ask Tom to drive you anywhere. Just kidding! It was not that bad. All I have to say is that he started out by saying, “Okay, so…I don’t know where I am going.” *grabs rosary beads*

When we got there, we rode Spaceship Earth. Next we went to Club Cool where I tried Beverly for the first time. Tom captured the below photo of me trying it. If phlegm and cough syrup had a baby, its name would be Beverly.

No bueno!

We made our way to Mexico where we briefly caught up with John (@DisneyWorlds), Scott (@CollecTM), and his wife Peggi. Then we spotted Chris Lowry (@Chris_Toffer)! It had been entirely too long since I had seen him. Tom, Chris, and I walked to Morocco where we met up with Betsy, Scarlett, and Ben. Chris had to leave shortly after. The five of us went to the America pavilion where the Betamouse tweetup was! It was great seeing Henry Work and Jeff Chaney again. Ben and I were searching through the Food & Wine Festival pamphlet and trying to decide which specialties we wanted. A tremendous amount of choices!

One of the highlights of my trip was when I saw Kev (@Kevidently)!! I got a huge hug from him which totally made my day. It was one of those times when you keep asking someone where they will be when, and you are constantly missing each other, then boom…it happens!

After the Betamouse meet, Betsy, John, Tom, and I went on Maelstrom in Norway. Too fun!

Tom, me, John = BOSS.

We rode the Gran Fiesta Tour next. The Three Caballeros, accompanied by John, sang to us. We went to La Cava del Tequila next, where Nichole Willis (@nicwillis007), Scott, and Peggi joined us. Dawn (@Dawnzy58) and Don (@1DonDuck) came as well, in addition to Ashley (@Disney_Couture) and Matt Hochberg (@matthochberg). It was wonderful meeting them all!

After visiting with them for a while, John, Betsy, and I left and went to Tutto Italia in Italy for dinner. Aurora, James, Scarlett, and Ben joined us. The portions of food were enormous! Scarlett helped me out a bit because I could not take down that whole meal by myself. It was delicious though. I had penne pasta with tomatoes and fresh mozzarella mixed in olive oil. Yum!

After dinner, Shelley, Dave, Todd, and Cheryl met us outside Italy and we walked to the United Kingdom area for Snack Attack. I finally got to meet the world famous AJ (@DisneyFoodBlog)! She is an absolute sweetheart and it was such an honor to meet her. I also got to meet Marc (@PlazandMainSt) and his lovely wife. I also had the chance to meet the amazing Theresa Sheingold (@delphinius18)! I adore that lady!

I caught up with Vicki Barrett again, as well as Henry Work, Dan (@prd3000), and Emily (@VeganEmily)! We all pigged out and that is where I had my very first Babycakes item … the mini chocolate cupcake brownie. A little piece of Heaven right there. After downing those, chocolate Mickey Rice Krispie treats, schoolbread, popcorn, and other goodies, we were all pretty much done for. (By the way, this was also my first time trying schoolbread. Not a good experience – Betsy and I thought it had an odd pepper taste.)

Soon after, it was time for Illuminations! We all crowded together for a front row seat. It was absolutely beautiful. I tried watching some of them through the Mickey glasses – if you are unaware of what these are, they make the fireworks look like exploding Mickey heads. It is a really neat effect and I would have used them if I was there all of the time, but I’m not. So I went the old-fashioned way and watched with my own eyes. I did, however, eat Gummi Worms with Shelley.

After the beautiful display that is Illuminations, I chatted a bit with friends, then it was time to go. Betsy and I trudged to the Beach Club Resort, where she showed me around. (Sidenote: Love their bathrooms. Although it is Kouzzina cold in there, how about those little wash cloth/towels? Love!)

I went to bed shortly after Betsy dropped me off at the hotel. I was exhausted and extremely uncomfortable. I ate entirely too much food. I think we all did.

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